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Quality signage is one of our core values at Kalsigns. We ensure all our signs are manufactured to last. 


We use the highest quality materials, and all our outdoor signs are UV protected. Our job is to keep your signage operational and looking its best – that’s why Kalsigns also provides sign maintenance services. Whether your signage is outside on a dusty mine site or inside an office, we’re here to provide qualified signage maintenance.

Preventative sign maintenance

Quite often people don’t notice issues until something happens. This is not only inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous and costly. If a safety sign has been unknowingly knocked off the side of a vehicle and an accident occurs, the issue can escalate quickly. We suggest that clients set up a preventative signage maintenance schedule.

As with anything in life, prevention is best. Also, it’s difficult for one person to monitor the condition of every sign. Sign maintenance is best left to the professionals.

Damage or graffiti

It’s unfortunate, but business owners need to be realistic that deliberate damage or graffiti can occasionally occur. If one of your signs is damaged, contact our team and arrange a quote for repair or replacement.

Cleaning and refitting

Two common parts of signage maintenance are cleaning and refitting of fixtures. Over time, fixtures can naturally deteriorate or come loose. If you work on a mine site, you’ll know how easily things can get damaged from dirt, dust and rocks. While the aesthetic appearance of your sign is important, you need to pay closer attention to any damage to fixtures or the structure the sign is attached to. Also, it’s vital to see if any of the wording is obscured or has been scratched off. Often, the structure that our signs are attached to tends to weather before the sign does.

Cleaning is also a necessary part of sign maintenance. Again, not just for the aesthetic appeal, but also to ensure the signage is displaying its information correctly. Cleaning maintenance should be applied to both indoor and outdoor signs.

Signage maintenance to replace parts

We are always available to assist with any replacement parts. It may be due to unfortunate weather conditions or possibly someone wanting a souvenir of your sign on their night out – it can happen.

As for the lighting of your signage, today, most of the lighting used is LED lighting and has a much longer lifespan than traditional signage lighting. However, if you do notice any lighting issues, be sure to call us immediately and we’ll rectify the problem.

Whether it’s branding signage or compliance with OH&S regulations, it’s vital to ensure your signs are regularly maintained. Correctly displayed safety signage allows your business to continue moving forward and keeps your employees safe and informed.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your existing signage or any newly ordered signage, talk to our friendly team. We’ll recommend the best preventative measures to keep your signage looking its best and performing the job it was designed to do.


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