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At Kalsigns, we can handle the job from start to finish.


Whether it’s multiple safety signs installed on a mine site or a large-scale outdoor branding sign, our highly experienced team of installers will ensure your signage is installed correctly to gain maximum impact.

Signage installation may be one of the final parts of the process, but it requires careful planning from the beginning. As we all know, the purpose of a sign is to be seen. Choosing an inexperienced installation team could result in a sign being installed in the wrong place or not installed securely.

Preparation before installation

Before we begin the manufacturing process, our team will undertake a preliminary inspection of the site or vehicle to ensure the installation is planned out correctly. Consider the installation of a safety sign. If the sign isn’t installed in the right place it won’t achieve the desired result. It takes experience and a level of care to make sure your signage is installed effectively.

How the environment affects installation

As a preferred installer for mining and rural companies, we’ve had to install signs in some pretty remote locations. Out in the centre of Western Australia, the weather can vary from extreme highs to bone-chilling lows. We consider all environmental conditions to ensure your signage lasts year after year. One of the most common questions we are asked is whether our signs are UV protected. The answer is yes. Without UV protection your signs will quickly fade. As most of our clients are based in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, UV protected signs are a must.

Organising logistics of installation

From delivering a single replacement safety sign to rebranding a full fleet of vehicles in 48hrs, Kalsigns has the personnel to make it happen. We have processes in place to get signage to you wherever you are in WA, and fast! We know that working in remote locations can have its challenges – our highly experienced team has the know-how to get the job done.

Installing your sign

The final step in the installation process is mounting or attaching your signage. It sounds like an easy job, but it’s a hurdle that some sign suppliers can stumble at. At Kalsigns, the installation process is just as important as design and manufacturing. We want to ensure your sign stays exactly where it should. This includes inspecting the surrounding materials. While it’s all well and good to manufacture a strong quality sign, the material your sign is attached to also needs to be weather-proof. Kalsigns can also organise any lighting requirements for your signage. Whether your business is new or established, displaying your brand day and night has enormous benefits. Remember to ask what type of lighting will be used – with advancing technology and new designs Kalsigns has created some amazing signage that stands out any time of the day.

We’ll always make sure your signage is installed to the highest quality and we’ll follow up to make sure you’re 100% happy. If you have any questions about signage installation or vehicle wraps, contact the team at Kalsigns.


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