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For exceptional quality signage and fast, efficient service, all signs point to Kalsigns.

With our extensive range of top-quality signage, Kalsigns is making its mark as the preferred supplier for signage in Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas.
We can offer a complete package – design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. And with high levels of in-house technical expertise, we’re setting new standards of excellence in the sign industry.

Kalsigns will manage your signage project from start to finish or provide specific signage services, fit for purpose.

  • Types of signage we deliver include:
  • Indoor branding & signage
  • Outdoor branding & signage
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Safety signs
  • Vehicle signage and wraps
  • Work zone signs

When you become a Kalsigns customer, you sign up for outstanding products that are guaranteed to stand out. Speed of service and competitive prices are part of the package, too.

Based in Kalgoorlie, we provide signage services to the Kalgoorlie area and regional WA, including remote areas. Major mining companies and regionally based businesses are our specialities.


Sign design is critically important. The right graphic design ensures you get your message across instantly, whether you’re promoting your brand, giving information or raising safety awareness.

Before Kalsigns begins the design process, we’ll meet with you to discuss your project. If necessary, we’ll visit your site to get a clear understanding of where your signage will be installed.

You’ll be able to view a digital version of your sign before things go any further. This applies to both custom sign design projects and existing sign designs.

Size is no obstacle, either. We can design small, medium or large-scale signage. The Kalsigns team will advise you on the ideal dimensions for your specific job.

Choice of materials is another important factor in sign design. We will help you select the best materials for your signs, bearing in mind your budget.


Once the design details have been finalised, we can move on to the manufacture of your signage.

Because we produce your signage in-house at Kalsigns, we have full control over quality. We use the latest sign-making technology to ensure you get the very best outcome.

We also have full control over the speed of service and costs. If you’ve got a deadline or budget to meet, we can get your signage made on time and with no hidden costs.


Our sign installers are fully trained and have experience working on a wide range of sites.

Kalsigns will organise all the necessary equipment for the signage installation. We’ll also take care of the safety aspects of the job, making sure all regulatory requirements are met.

We know you have a business to run and work to get done, so we’ll get your signage expertly installed around your schedule.


While our signage is of excellent quality and made to last, it may require regular maintenance to stay in top condition.

Our maintenance team is ready and able to take care of all your sign maintenance needs, including repair jobs, night or day.

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For top-quality signage services in Kalgoorlie and regional WA, talk to us today. Remember, if you’re looking for great products and great services, all signs point to Kalsigns.


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We offer a range of quality signage options to ensure your message gets noticed.


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Our quality manufacturing process will ensure your signs handle the tough extremes of the weather.


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All signage is designed and engineered on-site in Kalgoorlie so your products are ready on time.


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