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Stay out of danger with quality safety signage.

You can’t completely eliminate danger in the workplace but with safety signs, you can remind people to be more cautious in certain situations. Safety signs create awareness of potential hazards and reinforce important safety procedures and policies.

Mine sites and other workplaces depend on safety signs. Without them, it would be very difficult to prevent injury and keep people safe.

Installing safety signs may also be a legal obligation for some businesses. Employers without adequate safety signs may be breaking the law. Major legal problems can arise from failure to provide correct OHS signage in the workplace.

To do their job effectively, safety signs need to be made from the right materials, and people must be able to see and understand them clearly. They must also comply with strict Australian laws and standards.

In tough environments – the kind you find in regional WA – it’s crucial that safety signs are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, especially on mine sites and in other heavy-going workplaces.

If you need quality safety signage for your mining site, worksite or any other place where there are hazards, Kalsigns can help. We provide a comprehensive safety signage service  designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality safety signs for the Kalgoorlie area and regional WA.

Mine site safety signs

Mine sites can be very hazardous places. That’s why each Australian state and territory has legislation that addresses the very serious safety issues in mining workplaces.

In WA, safety signs on mining sites are covered by the Mines Safety and Inspection Act and Regulations. The legislation states that mine sites must have “…sufficient safety signs…to –

(a) prevent accidents

(b) identify hazards

(c) indicate the location of safety and fire protection equipment; and

(d) provide guidance and instruction in emergency procedures. 

The legislation also specifies that mine site safety signs must use the colours, text, symbols and shapes set out in Australian Standard AS 1319.

Kalsigns provides mine site safety signage that is fully compliant with WA legislation and AS 1319. Our turnaround time is fast too. We know that the sooner you get your safety signs, the quicker you can get your machinery and worksite operational.

General safety signs

Kalsigns supply a full range of general safety signs that cover all potential risks and hazards.

Our site safety signage covers:

  • Danger
  • Fire
  • Warning
  • First aid
  • Hazards
  • Prohibitions (e.g. no entry, no smoking and authorised personnel only)
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and more

Whatever the danger, Kalsigns will make sure you get the right sign for the situation.

Our general safety signs are of excellent quality and in compliance with all relevant WA legislation and Australian Standards. Available in different sizes and materials, Kalsigns’ signage is always highly visible. 

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Make sure safety is a top priority at your mine site, workplace or other high-risk location with quality safety signs. Kalsigns will get safety signs to you rapidly and at competitive costs. Based in Kalgoorlie, we service regional WA, including remote areas. Talk to the team at Kalsigns today to find out more about our quality safety signs.


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