Road & Traffic Signage WA

Keep things moving with quality road and traffic signs.

Road and traffic signs play a vital role in safety, accident prevention and generally helping people find their way. 

Kalsigns provides road and traffic signs in Kalgoorlie and regional WA for all situations, including:

  • Diverting traffic
  • Controlling pedestrians
  • Improving traffic flow
  • Indicating road closures
  • Restricted parking
  • Regulating speed limits
  • Informing who must give way
  • Alerting drivers about the presence of animals
  • Communicating other road and traffic messages

Designed, manufactured and installed by the Kalsigns team, our road warning signs are always high-quality. Being based in Kalgoorlie, we know what it takes to make reliable road signs that can handle the tough environmental conditions in regional WA.

For reliable road and traffic signs that are built to last, Kalsigns is the name you can trust.

Road signs

Keep drivers informed with high visibility road signage. Whether it’s indicating the route, showing distances or informing drivers about their legal obligations, Kalsigns has road signs that provide clear communication 24/7. Plus, all of our road signs are compliant with relevant WA legislation and Australian Standards, including AS 1743-2001 and AS 1742.3-2009.

Railway signs

Make rail safety a priority with Kalsigns’ quality, compliant railway signage, ideal for both private and public rail networks.

Mine Site traffic signs

Maximise road and traffic safety on your mine site with Kalsigns’ signage. We have a wide range of mine site traffic signs designed specifically for conditions on WA mines. Our signage is always made to a high standard and is fully compliant with relevant WA laws and Australian Standards.

Available in a variety of materials and sizes, Kalsigns’ mine site traffic signs will drive efficiency on your site.

Wayfinding, information and street signs

We make navigating your way easy. Kalsigns can design, manufacture, supply, deliver and install quality wayfinding signage that ensures nobody goes off track.

If you need to keep workers, visitors and the general public well-informed, Kalsigns has got you covered. We supply both indoor and outdoor information signs that can convey any information you want.

Street signage is another one of Kalsigns’ specialties. Our durable street signage is fully customisable – choose your preferred shape, size, colour and font. We also offer reflective options for night-time visibility.

Service and guide signs

For service and guide signs that direct people to your town, services or community facilities, Kalsigns is your go-to signage company. Based in Kalgoorlie, we know that service and guide signs must be made to a high standard to survive the tough weather conditions in regional WA.

When you choose Kalsigns, you can be sure you’ll get quality, hard-wearing, compliant service and guide signs.

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If you need reliable road and traffic signs, talk to the sign experts at Kalsigns today. We provide a complete signage service from design to manufacture to installation – and we deliver fast. The areas we service are Kalgoorlie and regional WA, including the more remote areas of our state.


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