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Show you mean business with quality indoor signage.

You want people to feel confident about your goods and services. With high-quality indoor branding and signage, you automatically communicate you’re trustworthy, helpful and on top of your game.

Kalsigns designs, manufactures and installs quality indoor signage for all indoor spaces and a full range of interior purposes. Whether it’s for a one-off event or long-term usage, we know the best way to get your message across indoors.

Based in regional WA, we provide indoor signage to Kalgoorlie and surrounding areas, including the more remote parts of WA.

For custom and off-the-shelf indoor signage made to a high standard, Kalsigns is the solution. Our turn-around time is fast too.

Indoor office signs

With indoor business signs, you can transform your office into a more attractive and productive place to work. Quality indoor signs both inspire and inform. You’ll draw the right kind of people to your office space and keep them engaged while they’re there.

There are basically 3 types of indoor office signs: information, artwork and branding.

Information office signs give staff, customers and visitors the tools they need to easily navigate your interior space. This type of signage is usually directional.

Information signs also help educate people about your products, services, mission and values. Artwork and branding signs can do this too.

The great thing about indoor office signage is that you can decide what type is best for your space and when, where and how to use it.

At Kalsigns, we’re always ready to help with your indoor signage in Kalgoorlie and regional WA.

Company branding signs

Indoor signs are an excellent way to promote your organisation or company brand.

Your brand consists of your company logo, your signature colours and fonts, your company slogan and your mission and core values.

When you confidently display your brand, even in your own space, you build team spirit and reinforce awareness of your business for customers and visitors alike.

From your front door to reception and beyond, never underestimate the power of company branding signs.

At Kalsigns, we design, manufacture and install indoor company branding signs to help companies like yours meet their branding goals.

Internal safety and exit signs

No matter the situation, safety always comes first.

Internal safety and exit signs are a legal requirement and help people stay out of danger in your building. They also protect your property.

The best indoor safety and exit signs use maps, symbols and directions as visual cues to communicate their message quickly and efficiently.

Kalsigns will work closely with you to make sure your interior safety and exit signage is 100% effective and fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

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For quality indoor branding and signs, talk to the signage experts at Kalsigns today. We offer a complete indoor signage service in Kalgoorlie and regional WA. We’ll make sure you show everyone you mean business – and we’ll help keep your people and premises safe, too.


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